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Please contact Courtney Aversa, Administrative Supervisor at 906-286-9659, or 906-341-0371 for further information and to schedule a tour of Northern Comfort Specialized Care.

An Informed Decision Is The Best Decision.

The first step in the admission process is a brief initial interview with the applicant, family members, or the designated representative, which assists admissions and the care staff in determining a person’s current status, and the necessary level of care. Use this time to become comfortable with the beautiful surroundings, obtain additional information, and meet the care staff.

The Right Place At The Right Time

When a mutual decision has been reached between the applicant, family members, or the designated representative, additional paperwork and medical information will be necessary prior to admission to the facility. The required medical records should be easily accessible and obtained through the applicant’s physician. Upon receiving and reviewing the requested records, a formal admissions process will commence.

Additional Paperwork and Medical Information

Prior to the time of admission, the resident, family, or designated representative, will provide or release authorization to Northern Comfort Specialized Care, to obtain the following updated (within 30 days)medical information:

  • Physical Examination Report with diagnosis and special needs defined
  • Health Care Appraisal
  • Chest X-Ray/Urinalysis
  • Physician certification indicating the applicant does not possess communicable diseases
  • Medications list

At the time of admission, the resident, family, or designated representative will review and sign the following documents:

  • Admission Agreement
  • Resident Care Agreement
  • Financial Contract
  • Resident Trust Fund Agreement
  • Resident Personal Inventory Record

At the time of admission, all provisions for the resident will be reviewed with the resident, family, or designated representative. These will include, but are not exclusive to the following:

  • Physician and Dental Appointments
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Planned and Non-planned Outings
  • Open visitation
  • Release to home for non-extended visits

Northern Comfort Specialized Care accepts privately paid residents, long-term care insurance, Michigan (auto) No-Fault Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation.

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