Admission Info


Please contact Cindy TeVelde, Admissions Coordinator 517-231-5170 or phone 906-341-0371 for further information and a tour of our new facility.

An informed decision is the best decision.

The first step in the admission process is a brief initial assessment, which assists the admission team in determining a person’s current status, and necessary level of care. The Admissions Coordinator and Registered Nurse, will offer a tour of the facility. Use this time to become comfortable with the beautiful surroundings, obtain additional information, and meet the care staff.

The Right Care At The Right Time.

When a mutual decision has been reached between the applicant, family members or the designated representative, and our Admissions Coordinator, Additional Paperwork and Medical Information

¬†will be necessary prior to admission to the facility. The required medical records should be easily accessible and obtained through the applicant’s physician. Upon receiving and reviewing the requested records, a formal admissions process will commence.